Special Photographs

These all have special meaning to me

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This old railroad station is all that is left of Hula, Oklahoma where I use to hunt and fish.

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The story behind this photo is too long to put here.

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A sunset on the beach near San Diego, California.

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Just after a rain near Phoenix, Arizona.

Untitled-a.jpg (3637 bytes)

Scarlet Charlotte - this one was going to make me rich - except that Nature had other ideas.


Untitled-b.jpg (5507 bytes)

Lost $130,000 on this one - after four years of production (17 plants to 15,000) - no one wanted it.


Untitled-7.jpg (6394 bytes)

My two Akita puppies.

My first attempt at Karilian Photography -  magnetic field   around my Sister's finger.

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