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Photos by Rolf von Richter

This is some of the Professional Models and Top Models of Costa Rica (and should be models) that I have taken photographs of over the past several years.  I have added a few comments to each and a couple are so good that they get double exposure.

Fashion - Swimware

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Lori - 17 years old and 5' 11" - a born natural - used this on my card for years.


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Loraina - At 17 she had more TV time then any other model in Costa Rica.  Not a brain in her head.


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Here she is again.


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Miss Cayman back in the early 80's.

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Leelanii - on her 10th birthday.  She made the head band herself from a palm leaf.

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Gina - the best runway model that will ever come out of Costa Rica.


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And again.

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Laura - on this shoot, she never moved a muscle or said a word and ants were crawling all over her.

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Nini - A really nice professional - helped put together my first location shooting.

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Here she is again.  Believe that she is doing TV productions now.

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Tina - she's so good that all her husbands (and boyfriends) were photographers.

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Tina's husband, Greg - wouldn't model but was perfect for it.

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Silvia - she was one of my favorites, perfect Spanish features.  A jewel to work with.

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Erika - five years ago she was a high school senior with no time to modeling.

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Never got another shot or caught her name but she had everything it takes.

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Frya - with a body that others would kill for - ready to do anything for the photo.


Untitled-2.jpg (18314 bytes)

Another look at the body.

Untitled-32.jpg (4042 bytes)

Krishna - a Salvadorian girl visiting Costa Rica - didn't stay long enough for me to get many pictures.

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Thara - 16 years old and a real beauty with a long future coming up.

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Paola - very Latin looking but speaks Japanese, English, Hindu and Spanish.

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Laura - just turned 16. She's got that 'Vogue' look and a 'Sports Illustrated' body.

Untitled-36.jpg (6324 bytes)

Gary - a 3 year old with more energy than you can ever image - can't keep him in focus.

Untitled-37.jpg (8618 bytes)

Gabriela - only ten years old here.  Going to be a real beauty - I've have a lot of long range plans for her.

Untitled-39.jpg (6353 bytes)

Marianela - a long time Costa Rican model with lots of experience and ability.

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Maria Luisa - my most successful model, she is Costa Rica's Miss World contestant.

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Camille - with 'the Girl Next Door Look' - can never catch her with free time.

Tamara Lopez - Just simply beautiful and so easy to work with.

Untitled-42.jpg (4180 bytes)

Flor Maria - lives just down the road from me here in the mountains. Only had one secession - should have more.

Marta - very photogenic and easy to direct.

My first attempt at underwater modeling photography - will never forget Janet.

Helen - very Costa Rican looking with a mature attitude.

Kami - up from LA for a jungle shoot - lot of fun.


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